Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Which is more comforting: believing that God formed you how you are a beautiful creature but with any problems according to His plan, or that you are the product of billions of years and billions of iterations of beings before you, each of which theoretically more perfect than the last.

Well it's probably more comforting to believe in God because it doesn't matter how perfect you are, to have had billions of iterations and to have them in the future requires your death. Only in God's universe does that allow for a happy afterlife.

And even to the idea of perfection. Too bad that evolution is not a clockmaker but is instead the tinkerer, simply screwing with the design randomly, a wire here a connection there a hormone there And another hormone to modify that one etc., and actually making changes quite fast. And ever changing, thus we're not perfect for now we are perfect for yesterday.

Probably better to believe in both. I mean, surely you believe in the Fact of evolution, it is up to you to believe in the heart that may or may not point to God. And you probably feel something. After all, we evolved a belief in God so that with our enormous frontal cortices we wouldn't spend our lives ruminating on our deaths.

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